about us

join us on our journey to empower the world through digital finance

We believe in bridging the worlds of traditional and digital finance by providing universally accessible, secure and simple-to-use services.

Our EU-regulated crypto-fiat exchange is built for individual and institutional traders. It has advanced functionality, robust security and offers deliverable trading of the main cryptocurrencies, against crypto or fiat currencies.

bigX exchange has advanced functionality and unique features:

  • multiple accounts
  • charts overlay
  • trading from charts
  • server trailing stop
  • algorithmic trading
  • slippage control

We’re committed to making bigX the trusted provider in digital finance not just through our trading exchange, but also by providing you with an ecosystem of financial services to help you navigate the new digital economy.

Founded in 2018, bigX is not only a European digital asset trading exchange but also…

an ecosystem enabling you to use your digital assets as easily as conventional money

Our bigX IBAN fiat bank account will facilitate cross-border fiat and crypto-related transactions and the bigX debit card will allow payments in crypto and fiat in stores and online.

Our payment API solution for e-commerce will enable merchants to process transactions in fiat and crypto. While bigX will also become an educational platform with a combination of free and premium content on digital assets and trading.

bigX is run by an experienced team from the worlds of traditional finance and technology.

we are knowledgeable and trusted experts in financial services, compliance, process, security, UX and customer service

Together we’ve built processes in line with regulatory requirements, developed industry-standard infrastructure and made sure we offer best-in-class security on custody of funds.

our values define us and underpin everything we do



We maintain best-in-class security with two-factor authentication, encrypted data storage in a Tier 3 European data centre and cold storage of crypto funds in a bank-grade Class III vault. We use external auditors for security tests.



We treat all of our customers and employees equally, without bias or discrimination. We provide clear information throughout any customer journey. We want to hear your voice and involve you in improving our services.



We’re committed to communicating in honest, simple language about what we’re doing and why. We’ll always be clear and upfront about any fees and charges. We’ll also be transparent by publishing key performance metrics.



We treat all of our customers and employees equally, without bias or discrimination. We provide clear information throughout any customer journey. We want to hear your voice and involve you in improving our services



The days of traditional financial services are over. We will keep innovating to stay one step ahead of the field and show the flexibility to provide the services that more than cover the changing the needs of our customers.

bigX roadmap

Q1 2018

bigX founded

Q2-Q4 2018

development of the trading platform architecture started

Estonian cryptocurrency exchange and wallet service licenses received

Q1—Q3 2019

exchange platform development

3rd party integration

Q4 2019

ECN Matcher/ Liquidity Aggregator launch

integration of banking services started

application process for the US Money Transmitter license started

Q1 2020

bigX exchange launch (web and desktop) in Europe and other markets, incl. the US (8 states)

FIX API to go live

banking services launch (IBAN & debit cards) for the EEA’s retail clients

token staking & voting launch

European e-money and MiFID licenses applications filed

Q2 2020

launch of Corporate clients services (trading and banking)

mobile banking (light) app for fiat and crypto to go live with debit card integrated

merchant services:

PoS to go live

academy to go live

Q3 2020

banking services (IBAN & debit cards) launch in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan

mobile native apps fully integrated with the exchange and banking to go live

MT4/MT5 Integration to start

Q4 2020

portfolio management launch

multi-asset trading and STO services to go live

expansion into other US states as a locally regulated provider

merchant services: payment gateway to go live