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analytical report: IEOs in 2019

Table of contents

2.What is an IEO?
3.Fundraising results in 2019
7.What happened to the top 15 IEOs in 2020?

Key takeaways:

1. IEOs raised $1.7 billion in 2019.
2. Only 4 out of the top 15 IEOs had a positive ROI at the time of writing.
3. The average ROI of the top 15 IEOs was 18%.
4. Matic was the best performing token out of the top 15, with an ROI of +577% (Binance launchpad).
5. MultiVac (-92%) and VeriBlock (-94%) were the worst performing IEOs out of the top 15 in terms of ROI (KuCoin Spotlight and Bittrex respectively).
6. Binance was the most popular launchpad for the top 15 – 8 out of the 15 top IEOs (53%) were conducted on this platform. In contrast, LaToken was the most popular launchpad for the entire IEO market, launching more than 140 IEOs in 2019.

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