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big news for bigX as digital asset exchange announces soft launch

We all are extremely excited to announce that after more than a year of hard work, testing and preparation, our “ship has finally left the harbour” and is into its first journey. We are thrilled to unveil the soft launch of the bigX digital asset exchange.

what is a soft launch? why are we doing it?

The bigX soft launch is the final stage of preparation to the final go-live date; we are conducting the final testing of the platform with a limited number of selected traders. The key focus at this stage is to assess user experience from beginning to end: onboarding, account management, trading and support. The purpose of this test is to run through final checks on all processes, get feedback from our first traders on their experience, and make final updates to ensure the full launch planned for end of this quarter is flawless for everyone in the trading community and for our potential future customers.

is it still possible to participate in the bigX soft launch?

Yes, we still have a few spots left. If you are interested in joining, testing and contributing your ideas and feedback and getting rewarded for it, please click here and register.

what is expected from soft launch participants?

Traders who fully onboard and pass KYC to test our platform, try the bigX exchange and margin platforms and provide their feedback will be rewarded. At this stage, we do not allow traders to deposit their own funds, since the platform is still at the final stage of testing. Traders can trade with funds given by bigX (€100) and withdraw any profits or bonuses.

During the soft launch period (from now until 31 March 2020), traders participating in the soft launch will receive surveys with questions related to onboarding, the trading experience, interface, trading tools, customer service and our brand. For every completed survey, traders will be rewarded with an additional bonus of €10 and 100 bigX native tokens. To join, click here.

what is bigX?

bigX is a European crypto-fiat exchange with an ecosystem of services enabling customers and businesses to use digital assets as easily as conventional money. Combining the best standards from the traditional finance and digital assets industries, bigX has created a reliable trading infrastructure that can withstand the most stringent performance tests and facilitate any trading style.