from conventional money to the ease and security of digital assets

bigX is building an ecosystem enabling you to use your digital assets as easily as conventional money.

Our payment API solution for e-commerce will enable merchants to process transactions in fiat and crypto, as will our POS terminals.

our mission is to bridge the worlds of traditional and digital finance by providing universally accessible, secure and simple-to-use services.

Both solutions are designed to save time, deliver instant conversions, provide security and allow for ongoing monitoring.

bigX payment gateway

Our custom payment API e-commerce solution enables merchants to process transactions in fiat and crypto. It features:

  • easy set up
  • multi-currency and multi-coins
  • instant conversions to fiat
  • best-in-class security
  • merchant dashboard for easy monitoring of payment activity
  • no hidden fees

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bigX POS

bigX POS terminals make it easy to process in-store payments in both cryptocurrency and fiat. In addition, POS delivers:

  • quick bank settlements
  • instant transactions and instant conversion to fiat
  • low transaction fees
  • multi-currency support
  • reporting dashboard to reconcile and monitor payment activity

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