deposit and withdraw

deposits funds in fiat by bank transfer, debit or credit card, or in cryptocurrency

withdrawals can be made in cryptocurrency or by bank transfer


debit cards

You can deposit funds using your debit card in GBP, EUR, USD. There’s no fee. Withdrawals can’t be made to debit cards.


credit cards

You can deposit funds using your credit card (Visa and Mastercard) in GBP, EUR, USD. Withdrawals can’t be made to credit cards.


bank transfers

You can deposit funds through SEPA, CHAPS, SWIFT and Faster. BACS will be available in early 2020.

bigX deposit and withdrawal fees
 deposit feewithdrawal fee
digital assets (wallet to wallet)free€5
CHAPS & faster (GBP)freeGBP 0.9
SEPA (EUR)free€0.9
SWIFT (EUR, USD, GBP)free€25-35
debit cardsfree3.5%

Digital assets (wallet to wallet)
All digital asset deposits are free.
*All withdrawals may be subject to a small rounding fee of no more than EUR 5 (or equivalent in the selected currency) per withdrawal, irrespective of withdrawal value. Additional mining/network fees may apply.

CHAPS and Faster (GBP)
CHAPS and Faster deposits and withdrawals are subject to a GBP 0.9 fee and can only be done in GBP.

SEPA transfers aren’t subject to deposit fees. Withdrawals are subject to a EUR 0.9 fee. Any SEPA deposits or withdrawals can only be done in EUR.

SWIFT transfers are subject to withdrawal fees, which vary depending on the country of the beneficiary from EUR 25 to 35. You can do transfers in EUR, GBP, USD, CHF and JPY.

Important information

Please note, payments must be made by the named bigX account holder, not by any third party. Any funds received from an account that isn’t in your name will be returned at your expense. The return may take up to 10 business days.

There’s no minimum deposit amount for cards and bank transfers.

Accounts without log in or trading activity for the previous 12 months will be charged a 10 EUR monthly fee for any prolonged period of inactivity.

We don’t accept cash payments or commercial/business credit cards.

Debit and credit card payments can only be used for personal accounts.

All payments are subject to security checks and we may request more information from you, such as a screenshot of your bank statement or proof of identity.

We’ll normally remit money in the same method and to the same place from which it was received. However, we may consider a suitable alternative at our absolute discretion.