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How do I prevent phishing attacks?

Phishing scams continue to proliferate at alarming rates and are becoming more difficult to detect. It’s important to understand how to recognize a phishing attempt and what you can do to protect yourself.
Here are some tips on how to stay prevent phishing attacks:

  • Be cautious about all communications you receive. If something appears to be a phishing communication, do not respond. Delete it. 
  • Do not click on any links listed from the suspicious email messages, and do not open any attachments contained in a suspicious email.
  • Insure the correct URL-address, which should be exactly bigx.com or trade.bigx.com and https connection is secured before trying to log in on the web platform. 
  • Do not enter personal information in a pop-up screen. Legitimate companies, agencies, and organizations don’t ask for personal information via pop-up screens.
  • Install a phishing filter on your email application and your web browser. These filters will not keep out all phishing messages, but they will reduce the number of phishing attempts.
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