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What are your security best practices?

Highly secure accounts at bigX rely in part upon how serious the individual account holder treats his or her own personal security. Users can avoid becoming a victim of compromise by following a few best practices when securing their accounts.

At a minimum, make sure to set your password to a unique, strong password (not used for any other service) and make sure your email account is protected by 2FA. These simple security measures alone can make your bigX account quite safe; however, we provide a large number of additional security measures that users can enable to significantly increase their personal security.

Employ the 2FA options we offer on your bigX account and do NOT store a copy of the 2FA secret in an insecure place such as cloud storage, an email account, a computer’s hard disk drive or mobile phone storage. Either make a copy of the 2FA secret or print a copy of the QR code provided during 2FA setup and store it in a safe, then delete any digital copy after printing.

A few additional security measures can significantly decrease the risk of account compromise.

Device/Connection Security

Never use a rooted smartphone. Always connect to your account using only well-protected, trusted network connections – not free, public services. Disable WPS if you have that enabled on your wireless network. Use WPA2 for wireless security. Never use WEP for wireless security.

Always use updated antivirus and malware protection to routinely scan your computers and mobile devices. Never open emails, attachments or files of any kind from untrusted sources.

If you use cryptocurrency for deposit/withdrawal to/from bigX accounts, please, make sure that only you have access to your external wallet and store your private keys securely. 

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