list your project on the bigX exchange

We’re offering the opportunity for new projects to gain exposure and raise the funds necessary for growth as well, of course, for investors to gain early access to these projects, with a listing on the bigX exchange.

we’re dedicated to protecting both our clients and our business by only listing legitimate projects and tokens on the exchange

We’ll never compromise on risk evaluation and will not list tokens that don’t comply with our stringent internal standards, token listing principles or that create any regulatory risk.

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we offer a transparent listing process. This is what we’ll be looking at when determining tokens for listing

  • product quality evaluation – security, product quality and more
  • founders and leadership – the company’s mission and vision, experience and ability to achieve set goals
  • scalability with a focus on future growth
  • regulation – token qualification
  • reputation of company and user agreement
  • market supply – international market capitalization and circulation
  • demand by clients, developers and community
  • crypto economics – token type and supply, transparency, code of conduct

consideration factors

Fees for listing coins and tokens on the exchange will be set on a case-by-case basis, determined by risk and economic factors. All listings must comply with local laws.

The pricing schedule for listing coins on the bigX exchange is based on the following:

factors increasing listing price

  • issuer risk
  • project/product risk
  • due diligence
  • legal risks
  • expected low trading volume
  • high workload for monitoring
  • high technical integration costs for platform

factors decreasing listing price

  • proven issuer with track record
  • established currency/coin/coin with high volumes
  • predictable project/product risk
  • clear legal opinions on coin qualification
  • low monitoring workload


bigX may delist coins and tokens from the exchange that don’t adhere to our listing guidelines and hold the partner liable for expenses incurred in the delisting process. bigX will inform the community and investors about all coin removals on our blog, social channels and website. Users hold the sole responsibility for checking updates on the delisting of coins.

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For more details on our token listing process, please contact us.

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