margin trading

leverage your trades up to 3x

Margin trading with bigX allows you to amplify your deposited funds and open bigger positions than you would be able to otherwise.

This increases the potential reward, but also your potential downside for trades.

maximize potential gains.
margin trading can be a powerful tool for experienced cryptocurrency traders

You can take advantage of comparatively small price movements, position your portfolio for greater size and help your capital grow faster, but given the volatile nature of cryptocurrency prices, there is also a greater potential downside.

What is the difference between margin and spot trading? learn more

with the power of the advanced bigX trading platform, you can use leverage to go long or short on a variety of crypto-currencies and fiat pairs

  • leverage up to 3x
  • low rollover fees
  • pro trading interface
  • advanced API access
open an account

Margin Trading will become available later in 2020 to all bigX customers who have opened an account with bigX.

trade responsibly


Don’t invest what you can’t afford to lose.

Trading on margin comes with the risk of amplified losses. With interest charges, you could lose more money than you put in. Consider setting a stop-loss order to protect your initial capital.


Borrow just for the short-term to minimize costs.

Margin account holders are charged overnight interest rates (SWAP) for borrowing money. Generally, the more and longer you borrow, the more expensive it gets.


Plan ahead for margin calls.

Don’t let margin calls catch you by surprise and force you to liquidate prematurely. Monitor your accounts regularly.

Please read the bigX Margin Call Policy here

benefits of margin trading

You can enjoy the following potential benefits when you trade on margin:

  • magnified profits

    You only have to allocate a fraction of the value of your trade to receive the same profit as in a conventional spot trade.

  • trading flexibility

    Using leverage in margin trading allows you to free up capital that can be committed to other investments.

  • opportunities in bullish markets

    Using leveraged products to speculate on market movement enables you to benefit from markets that are falling and rising.

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