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from the ease and security of digital assets to utility of conventional money

The bigX payment gateway provides convenient access for merchants and corporate clients to process crypto and fiat transactions through our robust API.

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bigX payment gateway

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The chart above showcases the ease and simplicity of the bigX payment gateway. When clients are ready to make a payment in crypto (BTC) through the online store, they will receive a QR code and instructions. The crypto payments are then settled in fiat (EUR) to the merchant’s account with reconciliation on a weekly basis. We ensure that all your clients’ BTC payments and fiat settlements are transparent and recorded in accessible, real-time transaction reports.

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empower your business with deep liquidity, speed of execution, settlement in fiat or crypto and transaction history reports

The bigX payment gateway through API gives clients complete control without needing intermediary software. It offers an efficient solution for merchants to exchange their crypto revenues from online sales into conventional (fiat) money.

Our custom payment API e-commerce solution enables merchants to process transactions in fiat and crypto. It features:

  • easy set-up
  • multi-currency and multi-coins
  • great connectivity
  • robust security
  • transparency