point of sale terminals

open your business for payment in cryptocurrencies

Our bigX point of sale (POS) terminals accept payment through cards (bank and prepaid), digital and cryptocurrency wallets and have QR payment capability.

  • your all-in-one device

    With a bigX POS terminal your business can accept payment in cryptocurrencies, through cards (chip, stripe, contactless) or digital wallets - all on one device.

  • ready to work

    Our POS terminals have a pre-installed app, receipt printer, 2D & QR code scanners and a Bluetooth card reader so your business can accept every type of card or contactless payment.

  • secure and encrypted

    All payments are encrypted in line with PCI DSS standards. The cloud-based POS terminals come with integrated risk management that checks wallets and blocks transactions from blacklisted cryptowallets.

  • instant settlement

    Cryptocurrency payments are instantly exchanged on the bigX regulated exchange – so you get competitive exchange rates, security, transparency and settlement in fiat.

  • reporting tools

    You can view transactions and balances, send digital receipts to clients and access an analytics dashboard through the app.