trading fees

our fees are consistent for all of our clients, based on trading volume and BXC token ownership

trading pairs consist of cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies and bigX coins (BXC) traded on the platform


maker fees

When an order isn’t immediately matched against a trade already on the exchange’s order book, it adds liquidity to the order book, generally implying lower fees.


taker fees

Trades executed against another trade already in the exchange’s order book. This removes liquidity from the market, so they are usually higher than maker fees.


standard trading fees

The chart below details our standard fees. Additional volume discounts may apply.

standard trading fees

 tier30-day trade volume (EUR)orBXC holdingsmaker fee, %taker fee, % 

other fees and charges:

Dormant account fee: accounts without log in or trading activity within the previous 12 months with account balance less than EUR 250 will be charged a 10 EUR fee per calendar month for any prolonged period of inactivity.
Overnight interest of 25% per annum is charged on all open margin positions, chargeable per 24 hours after every trading session cut-off time.
Forced stop-out fee of 2% of trade size is charged when the margin level on account falls below the stop out level and is force-liquidated by bigX. Please read Margin Trading Rules for further information.
our OTC Desk provides B2B services for large trade orders for recurring trading volumes on a contract basis

OTC terms

  • bigX OTC Fee

    3% of traded volume

  • Transaction size

    EUR 1 million per month or EUR 200,000 per deal

  • high transaction volume orders
  • BTC, BCH, ETH, XRP and LTC in combination with USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CHF*
  • dedicated customer service
  • direct settlement with clients via bank transfer (IBAN to IBAN)
  • a fully documented process
  • transparent fees
*additional fiat currencies available upon request