white-label app with cards

a customisable mobile app with debit cards for businesses – a bridge between traditional and digital currencies

Get quickly to market with our white-label mobile app, Visa and Mastercard cards and services tailored for your business needs.

A customised debit card gives your customers the power to seamlessly spend cryptocurrencies as well as traditional currencies in multiple locations across the world.

white-label mobile app

A turn-key mobile app technology integrated with debit cards designed for businesses to save time to market.

Give your clients access to conduct transactions in cryptocurrencies and fiat through your branded mobile app and a debit card, deliver instant conversions, and allow for card management and transaction history.

No need to spend time and resources developing your own app. Our white-label app and cards are easily customizable under your brand and according to your business needs, and come with a merchant and client portals.

  • integrated with Visa and Mastercard
  • global coverage
  • competitive transaction-based fees
  • multi-currency and multi-coins
  • connected to crypto and fiat liquidity
  • Apple-Pay and Google Play (*coming soon)

debit card

  • cryptocurrencies and fiat

    Both types of cards can be recharged either by crypto or fiat. Businesses can load their customers’ cards through a Merchant portal, while clients can top up their cards through a mobile app or a card portal.

  • customisable

    A customisable debit card gives your customers the power to seamlessly spend cryptocurrencies as well as traditional currencies in locations, where Mastercard and VISA are accepted.

  • secure

    Customizable crypto-fiat debit cards come with 3D Secure authentication to prevent fraud and keep your сlients’ funds safe. If your client loses or misplaces his card, he can freeze it immediately in the app and order a replacement.

  • global

    Our Mastercard program is available in EUR for clients and businesses across the European Economic Area.

    The Visa debit card program is available in EUR, USD and RUB for customers globally, including Australia, Canada, USA, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Mexico, Nigeria, South Africa, UAE, Turkey, Singapore, Russia, Kazakhstan, and many other countries.

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*Debit card and payment services are offered in partnership with Powercard21.